About Us

Our Mission

Our mission was and still is to make the road a better place and increase the pleasure of driving even at night and last but not least, make the cars look better and steal the eyes of any enthusiast.

Hello and welcome, you being here means you want to know more about us, so here we go:
RetroWerkz formaly(and still) known as XenonVision is a company based in Sibiu , Romania.
We started by being very passionate about cars and modifying every single one that we could get our hands on and as everyone we started small, but soon we realized the lack of proper lighting on cars and even more the low knowledge people had and still have about how to change a bulb , how to choose a good bulb for your car and how to INCREASE the light output on the road so night driving will be more safe and comfortable , all these thing made us what we are today a growing company that offers custom headlight upgrades , consulting and products for any one and any vehicle out there!
With over 5 years of experience our friendly and well trained team will point you in the right direction to get the best results and quality for your headlights either they are done by us or through our guidance for the DIY lovers out there.
In our quest to find the best quality parts to bring them to the European market we got a mix of the best brands out there which are : MORIMOTO , OSRAM , PHILIPS , HYLUX and so on.. all in the effort of making road a better place and make cars more AWESOME!

For any questions feel free to:
call us at: +40-742-947477
email us at: support[at]retrowerkz.com
live chat with us at: www.retrowerkz.com
We wish you clear lens!
RetroWerkz Team!

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